We work with previously underdeveloped young talent; our writers work in groups in intensive training camps that are sponsored by a school or other organisation.

Using the TooManyCooks process, developed by Dr Joseph Reddington, we bring out the writing skills of our authors using a combination of structured planning and peer-lead review to produce jaw-dropping long form prose.

If you are interested in sponsoring a group of authors, please get in touch. They might be gifted and talented students who aren’t being stretched, they might be writers who are having trouble with how education is structured. We’ve worked with writers from Dunfermline to Nigeria to Amsterdam, from 10 to 21, and from top-tier university to category B prison: we’re interested in talent wherever we find it. Please get in contact at admin@whitewaterwriters

Why yes, we are a non-profit project, running as part of a charity, and yes, we suppose you could call this ‘schools pay us to deliver creative writing workshops on site’, but given that every single workshop publishes a staggeringly good book, we intend to stick to being a publisher that happens to also make kids light up, work hard, and grow as people.

As a publisher, we highly advise you NOT to ask for our academic research, or this information back for senior leadership teams and especially not this FAQ.